everest's pittsburgh guide

food - 

thai gourmet  - cheap family run spot, byob if you want, enormous portions

noodlehead - cash only hip spot with actually delicious noodles despite the kind of silly vibe

millies - fancy ice cream

salem's - great halal counter service

kyoto teppanyaki - a very sweet and tasty japanese place. not that cheap but not that expensive either. 

all india - foods only okay, but they do a buffet until 1 am on the weekends which is honestly v rare here

sree's foods - cash only counter service veggie indian lunch spot downtown, its a steal for the price and charming

bitter ends - farm to table breakfast spot 

azorean - portuguese breakfasts

bloomfield farmers market- sat mornings 9 - 1 in the summer

east end food co-op- just a food co-op

schezwan gourmet - fucking killer schezwan food. get the mixed veggie hotpot ! or anything else

taiwanese cafe bistro 33 - yummy taiwanese food

everyday noodle - i never eat here bc not much gluten free, but friends say their soup dumplings are very good

bar marco - fancyish brunch and dinner spot. but no tips (service is all included) so cheaper than you'd expect at the end

spice island tea house - malasian and thai in a cozy space

kavsar halal - a tasty uzbeki restaurant up on mt washington

don't get tacos in pittsburgh, but if you must, baby loves tacos is fine (its like, bbq cauliflour and stuff) OR go to Las Palmas in oakland and hope the guy is outside w the grill

this city is famous for pierogies, sandwiches, and pizza but i can't eat any of those things so i can't recommend anywhere in particular


drink - 

apteka (5 - 10 pm weds + thurs, 5- mid fri-sun), nice cocktails and vegan polish food (better than it sounds). sit in the garden till 10, or weekends inside for good djs. good vibe

ace hotel - gentrifying garbage people, but one of the only quiet bars open till 2 around (not quiet on weekends tho)

kelly's - decent food + okay drinks, old-school vibe

brillobox - also serves late-night food, lightly warhol themed. cool in 2010, hasn't changed

tina's - stiff basic cocktails. very straight but a cute interior and chill booths if you're there early. negronis on special.

de fer - coffee shop w cocktails in the afternoon. in the strip district

over eden - the only real rooftop bar in town

bar botanica - fancy cocktails

squirrel hill cafe - extremely smokey old school dive. bad fried food, but classic pittsburgh

sonny's - s/a

p town - gay bar dive

blue moon - same as above

coffee / tea-

constellation coffee - austere and peaceful vibe, excellent drinks. only open till 5

convive coffee - open till 9 most days (for now) in lawrenceville. small but nice

adda - good drinks (pea blossom matcha latte is beautiful and /blue/), generally nice to work in but busy on weekends

kaibur - also serves food, its the punk-oriented shop

artisan - coffeeshop below / sharing space w a tattoo parlor and it has those vibes

ineffable ca phe - vietnamese coffe + bubble tea place, also serves bahn mi

commonplace coffee- multiple locations, just your basic good espresso folks in sort of sterile surrounds

dobra - very weird vibes but one of the only places that makes actually good tea if you want something sit-down

rose tea cafe - bubble tea & food, get the oolong tea imo

fuku tea- S/A


big idea bookstore - the anarchist bookstore also serves coffee. good selections

caliban books - amazing store but has been embroiled in a rare book theft scheme for years so idk, maybe don't buy there? or do?? 

copcetic comics - indie comic store in polish hill

white whale - a curated store of mostly new books


first unitarian church, first united methodist church, and st andrew lutheran church all have good politics 


first friday art crawl - art crawl all up and down penn ave on first friday of the month. bunker projects, likelike, + pullproof are always worth checking out.

hot mass saturday night / sunday morn, queer-friendly dance party 1 am to 6 am. $15-$20 cover includes open bar, but bring tips. gets weird but maybe in a cool way? idk

jellyfish - queer dance party at p-town, a classic gay bar. way more tame than hot mass

drag at blue moon

rowhouse cinema plays 4 curated movies a week in a converted rowhouse. you can bring beer from next door and they have drafts & great popcorn at the counter.  

banjo night at the elks lodge is wednesdays, its kind of amazing? 10-30 person banjo orchestra and cheap drinks. idk how queer/weirdo friendly they are, i always go w a big enough group that theres a buffer

thursday is adult night at the roller rink

collision pgh - DIY venue in the east end that hosts experimental music mostly

mr smalls - the bigger venue that has interesting artists through

'culture' -

phipps conservatory - lovely glasshouse w flowers

mattress factory - multi-floor art installation museum 

the warhol - if you are a warhol fan

reliquary - largest collection of relics outside the vatican. go, its wild

miller gallery - on cmu campus musuem. always free.

carnegie main library - a wild old-school giant libary. worth it for the architecture

carnegie museums - art + science, admission will get you into both. the dinosaurs are good

the national aviary - if you like birds, they've got em

allegheny observatory - has star parties on friday nights in the summer

pittsburgh cultural district galleries - lots of small spaces downtown. wood street gallery has a tech focus

the frick fine arts museum - very weird historic money collection, but it is free

nature - 

frick park- miles and miles and miles of hiking trails, good mushrooming

allegeny cemetary - my favorite place to relax, calm and cool

the river - have a drink on 'the buttons' (old cement barge sidings), or walk the river trail

mt washington - go up and get that good city view in. ride the incline (a public city transit hill car!) up for the full city experience

neighborhoods you might go to - 

my house is in friendship. cut up victorians, grad students, nurses, and professors who own homes mostly honestly. not much going on in friendship proper, but close to everything

bloomfield (libery ave + past) is the old italian neighborhood

polish hill is traditionally polish, obvs, also the old punks live there

shadyside is mostly for rich people and fancy gays. they have the apple store.

east liberty is gentrification. where the whole foods and target is and also ace hotel. honestly the vibe is  w e i r d but the architecture is interesting

highland park is a old-money neighborhood thats maybe gotten barely cheaper over time? the zoo is there

the strip - food markets and, recently, robotics companies. normal people go here to party after 8 pm or so

lawrenceville - its okay. some cool stuff to do and also some annoying folks. very 'cute'. the good cinema is here, also bowling

point breeze - for rich people who only have authentic mid century modern furniture

squirrel hill - historic jewish neighborhood, also a lot of international grad students and campus-oriented shops

oakland/north oakland- the student neighborhoods

garfield - across penn ave from friendship. kind of a mix of early stage gentrification and strong communities who own their homes? also lots of diy spots/galleries

regent square - pittsburgh tax haven for middle-upper middle class folks & old hippies.

wilkinsburg - the actual township regent square is a part of

braddock- similar to above, but for some reason full of 'social practice' vibe artists?

AVOID the southside on anything but mon + tues after 4 pm, its just a bar crawl

the northside - some cool old houses, lots of museums - warhol, mattress factory, randyland, bicycle museum, chilren's museum. a nice coffee shop or two. otherwise its p quiet

downtown ?? idk i never go there basically? thats where conferences are. theres some galleries. wood street, 937, SPACE, and future tenant show contemporary work.

this forum is a gem, people still use it to talk local gossip like its 2009 --> http://nevertellmetheodds.org/